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Imaging Department

x-Ray Portable equipment

x-Ray at Home

New innovative Digital mobile x-Ray equipment, enables x-rays in the comfort of your home. Suitable for patients who cannot move to our Radiology department…

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Digital Radiology

Brand new digital x-ray equipment

Latest generation x-ray machine with low radiation which provides fast and efficient digital x-rays. It allows for better study and processing by your attending physician…

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Digital Mammography

The most basic exams of Prevention

It is a purely digital machine that is the most modern evolution of the analog mammogram and the main means of checking for diseases or malignancies of the mammary gland…

Low Radiation

Best diagnostic value

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Bone mineral density measurement DEXA

Systematic screening for osteoporosis gives the physician important information about bone quality and the prevention of osteoporotic fracture….

Osteoporosis Checkup

The best diagnostic method

Bone Density Measurement

Painless, minimal radiation

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Digital Panoramic Dental X-ray

The dental panoramic x-ray is a radiological examination that is a basic diagnostic “tool” of the dentist’s daily practice…

Dental x-Ray

Digital Panoramic equipment

Panoramic X-ray

Safe and Painless examination

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Ultrasound just in case

An ultrasound is a painless and harmless examination of the organs that visualizes various organs of the body….

Ultrasound scanner

Latest generation equipment!

Painless and Harmless

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Triplex Vessels

Special Vascular Ultrasound

The Triplex ultrasound is a non-invasive examination that depicts the blood flow in the vessels, the speed of flow, the size of the vessels as well as the degree of their narrowing, if any…

Ultrasonic Vessels

Non-invasive examination

Triplex Ultrasound

Your Body Map!

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