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Panoramic x-Ray

Panoramic Dental x-Ray


We have the new digital orthopantograph Carestream Dental CS8100 of state-of-the-art technology, reliable, high-quality and clear images are obtained with the least possible radiation, harmless even for children.

The dental panoramic x-ray is a radiological examination that is a basic diagnostic “tool” of the dentist’s daily practice. It provides the dentist with an overall x-ray image of the patient’s mouth.

The test takes a few seconds during which the patient must remain still and is safe and painless.

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FAQ about panoramic X-rays

A panoramic radiograph captures a wide view of the teeth, jaws and surrounding structures. It is often used to assess the overall health of the teeth and bones, as well as to diagnose and plan treatments for various dental conditions.

Here are some situations where a panoramic x-Ray may be necessary:

New Patient Exam: A panoramic radiograph may be taken during a new patient exam to provide a comprehensive overview of the patient’s oral health.

Orthodontic treatment: Panoramic radiographs are often used to assess the condition of the teeth and jaws before and during orthodontic treatment.

Wisdom tooth extraction: A panoramic x-ray can help the dentist or surgeon determine the position of the wisdom teeth and plan their safe removal.

Jaw pain or trauma: If a patient experiences jaw pain or has suffered trauma to the face, a panoramic x-ray may be used to assess any damage to the jawbone or teeth.

It is important to note that while panoramic x-rays provide a wide view of the teeth and jaws, they do not provide as much detail as other types of dental x-rays. Your dentist will determine which type of x-ray is most appropriate for your specific needs.

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Panoramic Dental x-Ray

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